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مستشفى عيادة الدوحة

First Private Hospital in Qatar

Doha Clinic Hospital desires to be the country’s choice for you and your family’s healthcare needs. Our promise is to earn your trust and loyalty by providing world class quality healthcare in a safe and secure environment.

Doha Clinic Hospital is accredited by Accreditation Canada as a 57 inpatient bed hospital and specializes in a wide range of healthcare services including medical, surgical, orthopedic, neuro-skeletal, ENT, plastic surgery, pediatric and emergency services available 24/7. We also provide outpatient care, Saturday-Thursday from 8:00AM to 10:00PM, limited clinics on Friday from 4pm – 9pm.

Doha Clinic Hospital primary focus is to serve you with quality care and compassion. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals are here to assist you in your healthcare needs. Doha Clinic Hospital strives to provide personalized care through prevention, maintenance, support and health restoration. We focus our assistance on the delivery of outstanding customer service with core values that outline our basic principles of respect, responsiveness and consistent results.

Again, thank you for allowing us to serve you. We appreciate the significant trust you place in Us.

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