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صيدلية ابن الهيثم

More than just medicine

Being sick or well health isn’t an issue now, here everything is accepted, everything has a solution. Here you will face the most qualified medical team of consultants, pharmacists, security, workers with the highest hygienic materials so don’t worry and stay safe.

Ibn Al Haytham Pharmacy has been created to meet too much varies of essential and nonessential desires and requirements as you can take a small round between our shelfs & categories …

You will face the most helpful physicians, pharmacists & assistants to support your case and guide for the right decisions and items you have to use, ready to answer all your thoughts and questions anytime for all kind of cases as chronic cases, checking any drug interactions or any mistake in the medicines. Besides the section for most of medical machines & chairs for chronic needs or dental care. You will also see the place of all the requirements for your baby starting day one.  Plus, the sections for the supplements as a supportive treatment like some specific natural products for bone and muscle problems or other need like necessary minerals or vitamins for brightening skin or detoxing or avoiding any kind of anemias or deficiencies…etc. Also, the needs for all types of injuries or trauma patients, all will be recovered soon with the sterile tools and good dressings and some kinds with high technology for fast reliving injuries with the least sense of pain.

Also life have the section of beauty which is the major desire for 99.9% of people like; the routine care for hair, skin, nails ( natural oils / oral tablets ), the Anti-aging products ( topically creams/masks/cleansers or orally use ), Also the highest purity for the very sensitive skins Plus the Original skin care products for all types of skin under the supervision of our medical team which will give helps and advise about anything you have concern about.

 we are available for all customers with all needs 24 hours around the clock 7 days per week.

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